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Is this your TRibe?

We engage with passionate world shifters, game shakers, light bringers everywhere in the globe, to keep us connected with those who are searching for the highest version of themself. Looking to be active in their practice of yoga on and off the mat.


What does an ambassador do?

Our ambassadors share their love of YogaTribe® products with their world. 

They embodied our ethos and way of looking at this world. They share what’s 

happening in this tribe and invite light workers around the world to be part of this movement by being an example of what is living your truth.


Are there any bonus?

Ambassadors receive a YogaTribe®eco mat and generous discount on products, and may even be featured on our blog and social media.

They’re eligible to collaborate with us on photoshoots, online content, and product development.


Who can apply?

Anyone who reads our story and feel their heart beat goes a little bit faster, 

anyone who believe enough on him/herself that is able to take risk and know that can be accepted just because their light shine so bright that can be avoided to look at it. 

Anyone who is actively growing their yoga communities, a yoga life or their own story that take them to path of looking for a union with their mind/body & spirit.

We especially love to see applications from those who would like to share their journey, their story and putting their message out loud and proud on social media 


Once your application is received, we will be in touch within 30 business days. 

Questions? Email: